How I can help

Are you an athlete or a coach who is not performing to the standards that you expect from yourself?

Are you just wanting to make sure that you perform and achieve as much as you possibly can?

Are you performing well at times but can’t seem to do it consistently?

Do you get nervous and tense when people are watching you play?

Do you get nervous during competitions which hinders your performance?

Do you let recent poor performances influence your future performances?

Do you overthink mistakes, which affects your performance as well as other areas of your life (such as feeling unhappy as a result of the overthinking)?

Have you just recovered from a long term injury and gotten the all clear from your physiotherapist, but you don’t feel confident and are worried about re-injuring it again?

Are you starting to not enjoy it as much as you used to?

Setting goals but unable to find the motivation to pursue them?

Trying to get into exercising on a regular basis but failing to find the motivation to keep it up?

I can help you by:

  • Providing confidential support in an open-minded manner
  • Engaging in interactive and resourceful sessions in a friendly, non-judgemental, and creative environment where you could feel free to discuss anything
  • Working with you as a team and creating tailored interventions to help you overcome specific problems in your performances
  • Expanding and improving your mental toolbox and key traits of successful performance such as confidence, commitment, motivation, resilience, mental toughness, communication, fear of failure, fear of re-injury, injury recovery mindset, anxiety/nervousness, overthinking, dealing with pressure, and exercise adherence.
  • Helping dual-career athletes/coaches develop time management skills, career management and planning, dealing with key transitions in your athletic career as well as other areas such as work or study
  • Supporting you and giving 100% in each and every session in order to give you the best chance of success and achieving your goals