Sport Psychologist and Mental Skills Coach

“I went to James because I had lost a lot of confidence in my game after going through a rough season, but he introduced some mental skills that have really helped me approach different matches and situations with more confidence in my ability and also a positive mindset. My game has been a lot better recently as a result.”

Helping high-level athletes perform to their full potential

Having trouble performing to your potential and playing as well as you know you can?

Do you often overthink before, during, and after matches, causing you to feel nervous and/or have constant doubts in your head, leading to you playing badly during matches as those doubts play tricks on your mind, sometimes even missing the “easy” shots?

Do you feel anxious during matches and you tell yourself to “play it safe”, which leads to you actually playing worse? Does anxiety make you freeze and make you play your shots differently to how you would normally play them?

Are you on a poor run of form, going into matches with low confidence, and you aren’t sure how you can turn it around?

Do you get fed up at not being able to improve a certain aspect of your game, you lose motivation and become worried about performing that skill, so you avoid doing it in training/competition?

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, apply now for a free 30 minute taster session.

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