Group/Team Sessions

Group sessions are most suitable for sport clubs or teams who are looking to improve the functioning of their team (e.g. team cohesion, communication) and players’ mental skills. These sessions with be unlike the lectures and lessons you have attend at school and university. My focus in group sessions is to make them as interactive as possible, as I believe athletes’ ability to recall their own experiences and thoughts is the most important facet of their psychological development.

Each session is highly customised according to the teams’ needs or preferences of the coaches and players. For example, less in-depth content could be provided to a team of younger athletes, with the emphasis on participation and fun, while giving them a solid foundation of mental skills that will stand them in good stead for the future.

For professional and elite teams, the content could be very area-specific, where the coaches and players might have a clear idea in mind regarding what they want to focus on.

Each session typically lasts 1 hour, with the number of sessions determined by the teams’ needs and preferences.

After group sessions, One-to-One sessions with players can also be arranged for the players who are interested in targeting a specific area/issue in their game. For more information, visit the “one-to-one consultations” tab under the “Services” menu.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me on, or through other methods listed under the “Contact Us” tab.