Want to stand out from other coaches and give your team the best possible chance of success? If you are a coach who is open to new ideas to improve your training and communication techniques then this is perfect for you.

Here are some of the benefits you can gain through this service:

  • Increase your understanding and self-awareness of your coaching/personality traits by undergoing profiling assessments, so that any potential adjustments to your coaching style can be made accordingly if desired
  • Further develop your leadership skills
  • Explore different methods of feedback when communicating with your players
  • Different strategies to maximise the effectiveness of your training routines
  • Techniques to help improve your players’ mental skills both on and off the court (e.g. commitment, concentration, confidence, team cohesion, communication skills etc)
  • How to stay in control in heated competitive situations (e.g poor referee decisions), and being able to stay focussed on the task at hand during matches.

Coach assessments and consultations can be conducted via face-to-face sessions at an agreed venue, as well as via Skype and email.

Please contact me on for more information.